Statement on Paediatric Care

20th February, 2019 


The Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics represents chiropractors with a minimum 2 years of post-graduate training in paediatrics. The ACCP was established in 2016 to promote evidence-based care of infants and children by chiropractors and to improve the level of paediatric training within the chiropractic profession.

The ACCP is concerned about the recent video reported by the Herald Sun newspaper and supports the need for an investigation by AHPRA and the Chiropractic Board of Australia. Further comments of the appropriateness of the examination and treatment shown in the video should wait for the conclusion of any investigation.

Chiropractors do provide care for infants as well as other paediatric age ranges with an excellent safety record.

As registered primary contact healthcare professionals, chiropractors receive foundation training in paediatrics and should remain a primary entry point for paediatric patients into the healthcare system.

Currently being able to locate a paediatric qualified chiropractor remains a significant problem for Australian families due to the advertising restrictions health care practitioners operate under

The ACCP supports the establishment of endorsed registration for paediatric qualified chiropractors which would allow the public to identify and access qualified paediatric chiropractors. Endorsed registration would be a significant step in improving the protection of the public and the continuing provision of safe, evidence based care for infants and children.

The ACCP is willing to provide expert input and advice when needed by policy makers.