Research with the ACCP


One of the main goals of the ACCP is to support and encourage high quality, relevant research into the role of chiropractic in a paediatric population.

With this in mind a Research Committee has been established to:

1.    Determine research priorities which will guide research funding

2.    Assess proposals and allocate funding to projects.

We are asking members to voice their opinion on what topics, conditions or areas of research they feel the ACCP should prioritise and focus on directing funds towards. Plagiocephaly, tongue tie, irritable baby syndrome, and neck and back pain in children are some examples of topics to be considered.

The ACCP has established a unique funding system whereby donations can be made to a General Research Fund or donors can directly fund a research project. Each research project will be allocated a specific “Research Project Account” which can receive direct donations allowing “crowd funding” from chiropractors and members of the public. A minimum of 25% of membership fees will be directed to the General Research Fund which will be used by the Research Committee to support worthy research projects.  The aim is to provide complete transparency as to what projects are being approved and are underway, and will give researchers the ability to raise funds for their project in a ‘kickstarter’ fashion.