Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics

Benefits of Membership to the ACCP

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The Chiropractic Paediatric Forum

The Chiropractic Paediatric Forum is an opportunity to gather amongst other like-minded paediatric chiropractors in your city. Currently hosted in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the Forums are a great way to earn FLA hours discussing cases, presenting new information relating to the field of paediatric chiropractic, and listening to and meeting guest speakers. This is a great networking opportunity as you will be meeting fellow health professionals interested in paediatrics all while enjoying a hearty meal.

The Chiropractic Paediatric Forum aims to be held quarterly with dates varying at each city. Check the corresponding Slack channel for further information.

FLA hours will vary dependant on topics covered in each Forum, approximately 3 FLA per session.

Slack Channels: (Download Slack here)


A channel open to the discussion of new research in the field of chiropractic, paediatrics, or chiropractic paediatrics. An opportunity to keep up to date with the latest information, or discuss findings of a particular study.


Have an interesting case? Have a case that is leaving you stumped? Present your cases in this channel (while maintaining patient confidentiality) and allow all members to contribute ideas, suggestions or just their input on that case.

Paediatric Webinars

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Membership with the ACCP


Additional Information

Full membership can be applied for by any qualified chiropractor who is of good character, and has completed and provided evidence of one of the qualifications listed here.

Associate membership may be granted to any qualified chiropractor who is not eligible for full membership.


Please forward your Chiropractic and Chiropractic Paediatric qualifications to for completion of your membership application.

Memberships are for one year, with the membership year ending 31st May. Renewals are required within 30 days of year end to maintain membership status. Members who join after March 1 will be accepted as current for the upcoming member year.