DACCP Update - 5-6 October, 2019

When: Saturday 5th October - Sunday 6th October

WHere: Glenelg Pier Hotel, 18 Holdfast Promenade, Glenelg SA 5045 - http://glenelgpier.com.au

Expect to have your knowledge base stretched with the latest findings in the areas of chiropractic paediatrics, with a focus on advancing your neurological and orthopaedic testing.

Additional presentations from guest speakers Dr Wayne Haynes (PhD Candidate) and the team at Orofacial Myology Adelaide will further build your understanding of the impacts of mouth-breathing, and the associations between spinal function, activity levels and cognition in children.

This is expected to be allocated 9 Formal Learning Hours*.

Included in your ticket is an exquisite opportunity to catch up with colleagues over dinner. A three-course meal with included beverages will be a perfect way to see out the Saturday.

Held in Adelaide on October 5th-6th, this is a fantastic long weekend getaway, so why not bring your partner/family.

Discounted hotel room hire codes will be available for those staying at Oaks Plaza Pier & Oaks Liberty Towers, Glenelg.

Oaks Pier Plaza (Code: ACCP)
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Early bird ends on 15th September so book your ticket now!



Guest Speakers


Dr Braden Keil (Chiropractor)


Dr Christian Fludder (Chiropractor)

Chiropaeds Australia

Dr Braden Keil and Dr Christian Fludder will be providing an update to that cover major advances in examination, assessment, neurology, as well as updates on specific conditions that have occurred over the past 5 years.


Orofacial Myology Adelaide

Orofacial Myology Adelaide is a collaboration between two health professionals who understand the complexities of oral muscle dysfunction. Orofacial Myology is about reinstating or facilitating correct oral function and establishing healthy and beneficial muscle movement. This enables the body to maintain health and equilibrium. For example, mouth breathing: we restore nasal breathing and resting lip seal through exercise based strategies. Nasal breathing is extremely important for respiratory health and sleep quality.


And Dr Wayne Haynes

The associations between spinal function and cognition and physical activity during child development

“Subjective visual vertical (SVV) and frontal plane dynamic postural stability (F-DPS) are significantly associated with academic performance and spatial cognition. Accurate SVV requires input from frontal plane cervical proprioceptors, integrated with the fused saccule and posterior SSC to produce the head stabilized in space strategy, emergent at about 8-10 from a visually dominant allocentric spinal locking strategy. The style and accuracy of SVV is moderately to strongly associated with cognition and requires cervical spine intervention. Accurate F-DPS integrates and exploits SVV signals for upright alignment in the frontal plane. It is possible a partly deterministic sway variability arising at the center of mass in the frontal plane (lumbo-pelvic area stimulates enriched propriocpetors at this level that provides enhanced frontal plane sensory inputs that further stimulates the frontal plane based SVV predictions and produces an integrated loop of sensory experiences. F-DPS is small to moderately to strongly associated with cognitive performance.The associations between SVV and F-DPS and their interdependent working relationship with cognition and physical activity are proposed to be associated with the evolutionary origins of uprightness in pre-human arboreal primates and provides a solid theoretical basis to further explore these novel findings in the light of evolutionary theory.”




*This event will be submitting for an expected 9 Formal Learning Hours (FLA) after the date of the event. Attendees will be provided with an attendance certificate upon receipt of FLA.