Aims & Objectives 


The Aims and Objectives for which the Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics is established are:

  1. to promote and encourage the practice of chiropractic paediatrics within Australia

  2. to promote and encourage education and training in chiropractic paediatrics

  3. to increase the knowledge of the public and the chiropractic profession in relation to chiropractic paediatrics

  4. to promote the public utilization and knowledge of chiropractic paediatrics in the interests of public health

  5. to maintain a register of chiropractors who are members of the company

  6. to regulate the relations between members and between members and the chiropractic profession and the community

  7. to regulate the conduct of members with a view to the encouragement and maintenance of high standards of study, professional conduct and ethics

  8. to associate or affiliate with or to any association or institution incorporated or not incorporated with objects similar in whole or in part to those of the company

  9. to promote and assist in securing legislation in the interests of the members

  10. to promote research in chiropractic care of children and infants

  11. Endorsed registration for appropriately paediatric-trained chiropractors


Charitable Objective

The charitable objective of the company is to generate funding and support for research in the field of Chiropractic Paediatrics.